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The Women

ISBN 10 : 0822212706
ISBN 13 : 9780822212706

THE STORY: The author carries us through a number of varied scenes and shows us not only a somewhat unflattering picture of womanhood, but digging under the surface, reveals a huma..

Women Elections Representation

ISBN 10 : 0803216963
ISBN 13 : 9780803216969

The first women representatives in the United States were elected in 1894 when Colorado votes sent three women to the state legislature. Now, a century later, women almost everywhe..

Men As Women Women As Men

ISBN 10 : 0292747012
ISBN 13 : 9780292747012

As contemporary Native and non-Native Americans explore various forms of "gender bending" and gay and lesbian identities, interest has grown in "berdaches," the womanly men and man..

Taking The Wheel

ISBN 10 : 0826313957
ISBN 13 : 9780826313959

Though millions of women drive regularly, the image of the flighty "woman driver" continues to stigmatize their abilities. Scharff travels back in time to explore how the first aut..

Women Knowledge And Reality

ISBN 10 : 0415917972
ISBN 13 : 9780415917971

This second edition of Women, Knowledge, and Reality continues to exhibit the ways in which feminist philosophers enrich and challenge philosophy. Essays by twenty-five feminist ph..

Women In Turkish Society

ISBN 10 : 9004063463
ISBN 13 : 9789004063464