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Outcasts From Evolution

ISBN 10 : 0809319829
ISBN 13 : 9780809319824

In the only book to date to explore the period between the 1859 publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species and the discovery in 1900 of Gregor Mendel’s experiments in genetics, ..

Eug Ne Dubois And The Ape Man From Java

ISBN 10 : 9789400922099
ISBN 13 : 9400922094

Although the name Pithecanthropus is now seldom used, there are few who study the origin of our species who will fail to recognise the historical place of the usage and its associa..

Color Matters

ISBN 10 : 9781317819554
ISBN 13 : 1317819551

In the United States, as in many parts of the world, people are discriminated against based on the color of their skin. This type of skin tone bias, or colorism, is both related to..

Evolution And The Sex Problem

ISBN 10 : 0873388097
ISBN 13 : 9780873388092

A noteworthy investigation of the Darwinian element in American fiction from the realist through the Freudian eras. theories of sexual selection and of the emotions are essential e..

Stuffed Animals And Pickled Heads

ISBN 10 : 0195347463
ISBN 13 : 9780195347463

The natural history museum is a place where the line between "high" and "low" culture effectively vanishes--where our awe of nature, our taste for the bizarre, and our thirst for k..

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Feminist As Thinker

ISBN 10 : 9780814720790
ISBN 13 : 081472079X

More than one hundred years after her death, Elizabeth Cady Stanton still stands—along with her close friend Susan B. Anthony—as the major icon of the struggle for women’s su..